Another Wizults website development: ETS

Focused on waste water treatment services and equipment this website was developed last year by  the Wizults team for ETS.  We enjoyed working with the theme although we did need to do some adaption to it.  It has a lot of drill down and acts as a distribution point for a lot of material for ETS.


Branding and Website Designed for Logistics Trends

It has been wonderful working in the logistics sector after all these years – all sort of wonderful memories.  We will continue to work with Logistics Trends as new venture is rolled out.  We designed the company logo, website, templates for documentation and we will consult on SEO and how best to leverage social media to help grow this business.

If you are looking for a logistics consultant or a report on a specific logistics operation this website is a great resource for you.

New website for East coast Rescue Solutions

We have just launched a new website for East Coast Rescue Solutions. 

ECRS provides customized training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of fire departments.  Offering a wide variety of classes in areas such as Forcible Entry, FAST/RIT and firefighter survival and bailout procedures.

ECRS also supplies equipment  necessary to keep your firefighters safe. East Coast Rescue Solutions offers equipment from some of the most respected companies in the fire service. From all  rope rescue equipment to firefighting tools, ECRS has an on-line shop .


What’s in a name? WIZULTS

Atlanta, Ga, January 23, 2010…What’s in the name WIZULTS? Heather Webster, president of WIZULTS, LLC, a marketing consultancy with a global reach, is asked that question all the time.

When she started the business in 1994 in Johannesburg, she struggled to find exactly the right name for the company she had in mind. After much soul-searching, she finally asked herself two questions: “What do people pay me to do? Why do they come to me?” Many times, they came to her after having tried and failed to do something themselves. When they came to her, they expected and trusted that she could deliver the “XYZ” they needed … but, their expectation was not simply a RESULT. They also expected a touch of magic to the outcome … a WOW factor! Webster had a brainstorm, and she combined the two words that represent the perfect expression of her core competency and her clients’ expectations: RESULTS and WIZARD. Thus, the term “WIZULTS” was born. This is still true today, and the new word now leads a trail through the past decades and several continents right to her office – as any search engine will demonstrate.

When Webster relocated to the Atlanta area in 2001 and closed the South African chapter of the company’s history, she kept the name WIZULTS, even though she worked for several other marketing companies.

After an entrepreneurial hiatus of six years, with her son about to graduate from Georgia Tech and her daughter beginning college, Webster decided it was time to re-establish WIZULTS. In the fall of 2007 she started the company’s North American chapter by launching WIZULTS, LLC. The company’s new Internet-based focus reflects how technology has dramatically changed the way businesses and individuals communicate since WIZULTS was founded, a time when the Internet was still in its infancy. WIZULTS still offers one-stop-shop marketing services but now markets clients so they can take full advantage of the emerging new digital media landscape while keeping them positioned in traditional media environments where appropriate to achieve client goals.

Services are offered in the financial, hospitality, transport, engineering, manufacturing and service sectors. Clients include small and mid-size companies in metro Atlanta and abroad.

Prior to forming WIZULTS in 1994, Webster was title here with the Rennies Group, which later became the Bidvest Group.

“Forever Remember” Statue Project

Marietta resident Heather Webster, president of WIZULTS, LLC, a new media marketing consultancy with a global reach, announced this month that her company will continue its tradition of sponsoring an annual community service project.  A member of the prestigious Kiwanis Club of Marietta for the past five years, Webster will support the club’s 2010 initiative by donating her company’s time to handle marketing and promotion for the “Forever Remember” statue project, which was launched on November 12, 2009.  Her contribution includes creating and designing marketing literature, a website and Facebook fan page, and developing other marketing collaterals.
Focusing on erecting a life-sized bronze statue depicting a woman with windswept hair and a flag pressed against her chest, the project honors the families whose loved ones engage everyday in the protection, service, support and defense of our freedom whether at home or abroad. The statue will be erected on the corner of Anderson and Roswell Street in a new city park near the Marietta National Cemetery and Marietta City Square.  The statue will be dedicated at the Fourth of July Parade on the Square. A miniature bronze of the “Forever Remember” statue is on display at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art.

Using the tagline “Original Inspired Marketing,” Webster’s WIZULTS works with small- to mid-sized companies to provide marketing solutions and support from strategy to implementation. WIZULTS’ online innovators help clients stand out from the competition by working with them to develop inspired strategies that will define, shape and expand their brand awareness and drive their market growth, audience, revenue and customer engagement using a combination of Internet applications: website design, maintenance and hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click ads, social network administration, and e-mail campaigns. WIZULTS also provides conventional services to clients using traditional marketing tools such as brochures, presentations, tradeshow support, event management and press releases.