A small, personal consulting firm, Wizults delivers professional marketing support to small and mid-size companies both local and international.

Most small to mid size B2B organizations do not have a dedicated marketing department, and in most cases do not have the budget to attract the large marketing/advertising agency. However, and somewhat ironically, these organizations have a real need for the wide range of marketing services offered by Wizults such as:


    • Strategic and Marketing Planning
    • Implementing Marketing Plans
    • Creative work across wide range of small volume, information intense,marketing materials
    • Website design, maintenance, on-line promotion and social network management

Our History

Following an executive marketing career within both the Rennies and Manica Groups in Southern Africa, Heather Webster founded WIZULTS (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg in 1994 as a full service marketing consultancy. The company’s primary clients were B2B and industrial firms across Southern Africa, some of which were The Bidvest Group, Manica Group, Rennies Group, TCTA, Hatch Africa and The Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Heather relocated to the Atlanta area in 2001 and closed the South African chapter of the company’s history. She kept the company in name but was not active in it as she and her family adjusted to life in the United States. After an entrepreneurial hiatus of six years, Heather decided it was time to re-establish WIZULTS. In the fall of 2007 she started the company’s North American chapter by launching WIZULTS, LLC.


What’s in our Name?

When Heather started the business in 1994 in Johannesburg, she struggled to find exactly the right name for the company she had in mind. After much soul-searching, she finally asked herself two questions: “What do clients pay me to do? Why do they come to me?” When they came to her, they trusted her to deliver the “XYZ” they needed. However, their final expectation was not simply a result, but one with an added touch of magic.

Heather combined the two words that represent the perfect expression of her core competency with her clients’ expectations: WIZARD and RESULTS. Thus, WIZULTS was born. This is still true today with the new word now leading a trail through decades and several continents.”